Commercial Land Surveying

Commercial Land Surveying

Chances are if you are looking at this page you already know what you want. If you are trying to figure out if  Willis Engineering and Surveying is the right fit for you; the answer is “Yes We Are!” 

commercial land surveying

Architectural-Topographical Surveying: Our surveyors quickly and precisely measure elevation of points on a piece of property and plot them on a survey map using contour lines. The survey map includes elevation data of all visible improvements including streets, buildings, trees, utilities and easements.
ALTA Surveys:  This land surveying standard combines elements of the topographic survey and the boundary survey. An ALTA survey will map out all improvements and allows commercial properties to provide financing establishments and title companies with the necessary information to insure the property being purchased or sold.


Short Plat Surveys:  This land surveying process creates multiple tax parcels from an original single property. A short plat survey creates investment opportunities to either sell newly created lots or further invest in them for development. Our experienced surveyors are precise and efficient, carefully considering all necessary factors including environmentally critical areas (ECAs), existing and future access standards, drainage and utility requirements, and zoning/density of the property.


Engineering Surveys: Engineering surveyors compile data to be used by architects, planners and engineers on a construction project. The result of an engineering survey is a highly detailed topographic survey map that emphasizes comprehensive utility and street data in addition to property improvements.


Unit Lot Subdivision Survey: Our surveyors’ comprehensive knowledge of and experience with current land use ordinances allow us to quickly and effectively achieve unit lot subdivision surveys. The resulting survey map not only defines the boundary lines from an original property, but details what can be built on each parcel and under what conditions, acting as a contract between the commercial developer and the city or county.